The popularity of dedicated servers have shot up immensely in recent years due to its several advantages and benefits for businesses. Both large and small businesses have a wide range of options for hosting their website, mail server or web application and they often choose the most common option that is shared hosting where multiple websites use resources of a single server.

Many times, companies need more power and control and that is when dedicated servers come into use. The dedicated servers offer dedicated hosting which means that only your business has access to the server’s resources. The dedicated servers are not shared and offer enhanced reliability, performance and security. Let us look at some of the prominent advantages and benefits of dedicated servers which make them so popular.

Benefits of having a dedicated server for your business

· The resources of the server are not shared

The first and the most impactful benefit of dedicated servers is that the resources of the server are not shared and can only be used by you for your business. The problem of other websites blocking up the server’s CPU and RAM is eliminated. Moreover, with dedicated servers you don’t have to worry about the slowing down of the server as scripts running on other websites or a spike in bandwidth usage won’t slow down your server.

· Enhanced security and performance

Websites having low to medium traffic can do good with shared hosting but if your website receives a lot of traffic, then a dedicated server is a better option. Dedicated servers offer maximum uptime for your website and offer a lot more stability, enhanced security and reliability than the shared hosting. Moreover, it makes sure that you are not sharing space with any malicious website or spammer.

· Unique IP Address

In a dedicated server, each server has its unique IP address unlike in shared hosting where an IP address is shared with multiple websites. Any spam site cannot push down your website’s rank in a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers are much more advantageous and beneficial in many ways and one should go for it if they are running a website that has high traffic. THC Services offers the best-dedicated servers in the industry. THC Services provides Bitcoin dedicated servers that offer superior performance and reliability and is high in demand when it comes to needing complete control of the hosting environment. If you are thinking of getting a dedicated server, then THC Services is the solution for you.

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