There are different ways to sell online and make online receipt (ใบเสร็จออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai); some are more traditional than others. Here we share three options that can help you:

Saas (Software As A Service) Platform For Online Sales

A SaaS platform makes it possible to start your virtual store in a few steps and takes care of all the technical parts for you (platform operation, hosting, etc.); it is your responsibility only to manage the business (loading the goods, creating product descriptions, etc.). Just as you can have an Instagram profile or an email account in a matter of minutes, the same is true on this type of platform — creation is super-fast. In addition to agility, the great advantages of this solution for selling online are:

Affordable monthly fee for using the platform (generally, different types of plans are offered according to the size of the business);

Robust base, which does not require prior investment or wait for its development, and used by many other entrepreneurs;

Easy to use, as it aims to offer a simple yet professional solution for people who don’t have technical knowledge;

Integrations with other tools expand the functionality available in the store.

On the other hand, this feature has some aspects to consider. For example: when selling online through a SaaS platform, some functions cannot be modified, and if you want to change any of them, you will need to hire a programmer.

Open-Source Platform (Open Source) To Sell Over The Internet

Open-source platforms allow you to download all the code from the online store to your computer and upload it to the hosting server you want. That way, you’ll have a virtual space with no membership or transaction costs (you’ll only have to pay the hosting cost) to sell over the internet. To go ahead with this solution, it is necessary to have the technical knowledge or hire the services of an independent agency or a professional who can help you with the implementation – which can make the project expensive.

Custom Development To Sell Online

Custom development is a very common solution for online sales. It consists of hiring a designer, developer, or agency to build your online store. Keep in mind that, in this case, the online store production process is long (2-6 months) and is usually an expensive solution. Many meetings are needed to design the project, apart from execution time. You can learn about how to make the system suck (เอฟของยังไงให้ระบบดูด which is the term in Thai) here.

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