Blackstone Griddle Breakfast Kit | BBQ LandEnhance your griddle experience with essential Blackstone accessories available in BBQs 2u’s showroom.

Elevate your cookout game with tools designed to complement your Blackstone griddle. These accessories are not just for show, but they streamline your cooking process, making every outdoor meal a breeze. 

Invest in the following quality Blackstone Griddle Accessories that pair perfectly with your Blackstone for a grilling experience that is both efficient and enjoyable.

1. Griddle cover

For Blackstone griddle enthusiasts without a dedicated outdoor space, a must-have accessory is the hardcover. 

Beyond shielding your griddle from moisture, it serves as a critter deterrent, ensuring a pristine cooking surface. 

The hardcover also fends off pesky pollen, making cleanup a breeze when all you want is to savour your delicious Smashburger without the hassle of unwanted debris. Invest in this essential accessory for a seamless griddling experience.

2. Warming rack

Don’t miss out on the essential Warming Rack for your 36″ griddle – a game-changer. 

Attaching effortlessly to the griddle’s back, it keeps food warm, facilitates grease and oil drainage, and provides additional space for holding items. 

This no-tools-required accessory unfolds easily, sliding into grooves on the griddle’s back and sides. It is a brilliantly simple addition to enhance your griddling experience.

3. Cooking tools

The griddle is a fixed cooker, unlike a stovetop pan, where you usually hold the handle while cooking. This enables you to flip, turn, and move food around with both hands.

4. Best overall accessory kit

The Blackstone accessory kit is the ultimate all-in-one starter pack, featuring:

  • 2 heavy-duty spatulas
  • 2 squeeze bottles for liquids
  • A reliable flat scraper for effortless food movement and griddle cleaning. 

Constructed with durable stainless steel, these dishwasher-safe tools ensure easy maintenance. 

The 8-piece kit also includes:

  • Egg rings for perfect breakfast sandwiches
  • A handled scraper
  • Spring-loaded tongs.

5. Best griddle cookbook

The Flippin’ Awesome Backyard Griddle booklet is the first booklet devoted to providing you with recipes for foods other than breakfast and hamburgers that you can cook on the griddle. 

There is no lack of inspiration with 50 dishes, and they cover enough methods to turn you become a culinary expert in no time.

6. Best scraper for cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of your griddle is crucial. Bits of browned and charred food will frequently stick and need to be removed because food is in constant contact with the griddle. 

Compared to other ways, this scraper’s robust and pointed design makes it easier and faster to remove caked-on residue with two hands.

7. Disposable drip trays

These disposable drop trays make it easy to keep the griddle free of oils and grease. A back grease management mechanism, which involves pushing grease off the griddle into a catch basin, is included with the majority of the new Blackstone Griddles. 

Grease trap cleaning is a breeze with these disposable drip trays because you can just pull them out and throw them in the trash.

You may also consult with the sales representative of BBQs 2u, who can guide you to make proper selection of your accessories.

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