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Make the best use of 4th-grade entrance exam, language arts to be sure of the system

Why is it required?

Parents and teachers must take the help of 4th-grade entrance exam, language arts (ข้อสอบ เข้า 4 สาย ศิลป์ ภาษา, which is the term in Thai) to assess the progress of the students through the curriculum of languages. The questions may include all the language arts topics which can be answered by a 4th grader. This test can be conducted at the end of the term to ease the student from the burden of the normal terminal exams. This test can be treated as a test for the students who will start 5th grade. It is also fun for both students, parents, and the teacher to be clear about all the misconceptions within students’ minds about the language arts. 

What is tested?

The test can be termed as a placement test for would-be 5th graders or just a simple test to know the progress of the 4th graders. The test on the language would be on the verb, adverb, adjectives, nouns, pronouns, Idioms, Phrases, Sentences, Antonyms, synonyms, proverbs, metaphors, similes, and other parts of speech that are included in the grammar and vocabulary of the all the languages included in the curriculum. This can be designed in the form of a quiz to increase student-teacher or student-parent interactions. The test mainly will cover the questions from the topics taught in 4th grade.

Education is prime

The entrance test conducted for 4th graders helps the educators to know their students well and get rid of many misconceptions that they may have developed over the year about a student. This method of test is one of the strategies that has been accepted throughout the globe to improve the education system and to help to know what is working and what is not working. Such an entrance test when the student is entering to secondary level of education from primary is essential because it helps the students to assess themselves and make their approach clear to the language arts. 

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