If you are involved in the business-to-consumer model transaction, then you will surely require systematic management of your stock to provide complete customer satisfaction.


Page 365 is the perfect online store management system that can enrich your process of doing business.


Key features of this system


You can choose Page 365 for the following reasons.


  1. You can smoothly plan the products that are to be re-ordered along with proper management of the product that is already sold and those which are in stock. Regular alerts about your stock will keep you updated.
  2. Immediate stock updates will help you to keep track of the product that is ordered online so that you can know the quantity of stock left.
  3. Whether you are in the middle of your vacation or the office, you have the convenience of checking the stock records online from any place.
  4. In case a particular product is out of stock, this system will automatically notify the prospective customers about it without your order getting canceled. It will guide the customers to the contact button of the store for further information.
  5. This system enables you to download all your stock details into an excel file (.csv) so that you can plan your future sales comfortably.


Another important feature of this setup is that, it is a secured and confirmed system [ระบบ ดูด cf คือ, which is the term in Thai].     


This feature enables your customer to open their online bills automatically when they type CF. CF balances of each product are summarized instantly after the completion of each live broadcast. Even you get the information about the number of the CF items immediately after such broadcast.


In short, this particular technology will work like a magic potion for making your online business flourish.


You can visit this site for further information.


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