Technology advancements in lots of areas have the ability to construct devices which were difficult 20, 10, or perhaps five years ago. The rapid evolution of Integrated Circuits (IC) continues to be one main factor and yet another important aspects would be the rapid growth and development of colour screens and camera’s. Advancements in IC’s have brought towards the decrease in weight and size of mobile terminals because the processing needed can be achieved faster using smaller sized devices and also at lower cost. Colour screens rich in resolution allow complex services and applications to become visually displayed that ten years ago could have been in sci-fi movies. The interest rate where these advancements in technology are occurring is incredible and it is hard to predict.

The Iphone is a superb illustration of a telephone that’s small, clever and it has some amazing applications that five years ago could have been hard to support on this type of device. Apple have proven traditional mobile manufacturers for example Nokia and Ericsson that application driven devices offering services that buyers want is much better than the usual high specs mobile supporting the most recent 3GPP specs. The iPhone can be a less strong device when it comes to its RF abilities but an average joe doesn’t mind about this provided the telephone works.

Google’s G1 was created together with T-Mobile following a feet step of Iphone. However although it had some amazing applications the telephone wasn’t as easy to use because the iPhone and it was not really a success after its launch. Google G2 is another attempt for recording a few of the markets Apple have acquired through their iPhone solution.

Overall these new phones are allowing individuals to easily connect to the internet, browse normal websites and manage their e-mail accounts with only one mouse click. The figures of applications are huge with lots of brand new ones being released every week. I believe finally we’ve the applications to complement that which was guaranteed when third generation mobile systems were first launched.

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